Many Voices, One Sound


The YES Council facilitates:

Youth Guide which is an active guide of other agencies in the city that provides programs for the youth.

PB&J News Letter a monthly newsletter that encompasses events of the YES Department as well as highlight activities of youth agencies in the city, while communicating the ideas and perceptions of the youth.

Help Organize and promote youth events in the City


The YYC Mission

The YYC is a group of young people who represent the voice and issues of the youth in Pine Bluff as the YES Youth Council. Working together to create opportunities, events, and activities that inspire our community in a positive way.

The YES Council is dedicated to connecting, training and advising Pine Bluff’s youth leaders, city governance, adult advisors and community stakeholders. The goal is to establish a diverse membership of youth who can provide expertise in various fields and inform, and impact policies related to youth issue.

YES Council Objectives

  • Establish a youth executive board representing Pine Bluff’s  youth population
  • Conduct on-going community outreach and assessments to identify youth priorities
  • Advise the Mayor and other City officials on a regular basis on issues of importance to Pine Bluff’s youth
  • Carry out youth led projects and initiative to impact community change


The YYC is an active council of young people working together to make Pine Bluff a better place to live, and is coordinated by YES. The YES Youth Council will have a strong and stable presence in Pine Bluff.

YYC members will come together regularly for training and networking opportunities, service learning initiatives, and youth-led community conversations. Members take an active leadership role in planning service projects, making decisions collectively, and finding solutions for issues that affect our community. The council works in collaboration with youth across the county, as well as local adult officials, to develop ideas that become life changing programs and initiatives for the community.
Youth, adults, organized youth groups and other community organizations are all welcome. All members experience being a part of a powerful young team! Other Duties

  • Review issues relating to programs and services for children and youth
  • Identify and recommend priorities among programs and services for children and youth
  • Create a forum for discussion with children, youth and their families
  • Advocate for services and programs for children and youth
  • Develop a communication network to disseminate information about services to children and youth
  • Help organize and promote youth events in the city
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