Together Reaching Exposure and Enrichment


See how the high expectation, high support model at Pine TREE works.

Pine TREE is a year-round, intensive training program that provides young adults grades 9th-12th, with a combination of entrepreneurship, asset building, and support.

Challenging students to reach their potential.

Our program emphasizes academic and professional rigor, setting expectations high for quality of work and professional behavior. A strong structure guides students through the steps necessary for achieving success in the classroom and the workplace.


The high support, high expectation model.

Our approach focuses on students’ professional and personal development to help them achieve strong developmental skills.

During the duration of the program students will develop technical and professional skills in the classroom and workshops. Students will then be able to apply to those skills towards a job, internship, volunteer services, or everyday life. Students are supported by staff advisors, professional mentors, dedicated volunteers, and a powerful network of community-based partners.

Pine TREE main curriculum focus!


  • Entrepreneurship 

Many teens have mental toughness, street smarts, survival instincts, and creativity – qualities that are key traits of successful entrepreneurship, and that, if shown how kids can build on these innate traits to achieve success in the business world. Some YES Entrepreneurial curriculum will focus on building your own business, Finding and Developing your Entrepreneurial traits, advertisement, innovation, promotion, and the benefits of knowing your consumer and employers.


  • Developmental Assets

Why focus on the after when we can focus on the now? The YES Departments top priority is the building of Developmental Assets. The higher a child’s Asset level the less likely that child will engage, participate in, and support at risk behavior.Asset building is a positive approach to working with children and youth that focuses on cultivating the relationships, opportunities, skills, values, and commitments they need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. It is based on Search Institute’s research-based framework of 40 Developmental AssetsClick here for more information about developmental assets.


  • Arts & Crafts

In order to become healthy, happy and productive teenagers and later healthy, happy and productive adults, it is important for youth to experience and practice their skills with crafts.  Participating in arts and crafts activities activates both sides of the brain, both the linear left hemisphere and the creative, non-sequential right hemisphere. Both Arts & Craft activities are excellent for helping children reach their full potential.


You can apply to be a Pine TREE student if you are:

  • 9th-12th Grade
  • Jr. High or High School Student
  • A U.S. Citizen
  • Available 3 days a week (Tuesday – Thursday) for the full year of the program
  • Highly motivated to learn new skills
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