• To promote healthy living and positive decision-making among youth
  • To visibly and positively represent the youth of Pine Bluff
  • To assist youth in better understanding local government
  • To positively promote the YES Youth Council through activities and promotions
  • To generate a larger voice for the youth in the Pine Bluff area
  • To provide a forum for the youth to express their concerns and views
  • To empower other local youth organizations
  • To advise the YES Youth Council on youth agenda issues and topics

Our Mission

The Department of Youth Engagement & Services (YES) is a one-stop shop resource center for youth in the city of Pine Bluff. The City’s youth department seeks to ensure that all Pine Bluff youth are aware of and have access to positive opportunities to meet their basic needs to

  • Be safe, feel cared for, be valued and be independent; our goal is to meet the needs of young people by connecting them to a variety of opportunities, resources and free or low-cost events in the city.
  • Build skills and competencies that allow them to function and contribute to society. More specifically, the department advocates for supportive policy, facilitates enriching experiences, develops and maintains information databases and websites; Our primary goal is to enhance the City of Pine Bluff with youth initiatives that focus on:
    • Academic Success (academically prepared for post-secondary opportunities for education)
    • Good Health (Physical, Mental, Emotional/Social)
    • Strong Character (Shared Values)
    • Informed Decision Making;
    • Civic Engagement;
    • Job-Readiness
    • Developmentally Appropriate Levels of Independence;
    • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity (Educated and exposed to their own and other cultures)
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